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We are Futuro.Studio.

A Madrid based creative studio.

Our focus is on total design: Graphic and industrial, architecture, brand experience, editorial and beyond culture.

Our crafts and vision lead us to embody projects with an artistic approach.

We unveil the desire within ideas

Futuro was founded in 2017 by the architects Jose A. Miguel, Guillermo Blasco & Álvaro Carroquino.

Born at the heart of Madrid's independent underground scene, around music culture & arts.

Some of our clients & partners are Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Camper, La Casa Encendida, Matadero, Ministerio de Cultura among others.

We also work frequently in teaching at several renowned universities such as E.T.S.A.M (architecture university of Madrid), Instituto Europeo de Diseño or San Pablo CEU.

For the last three years , we have been directing "Experimental Projects", a subject inluded in the 4th year IED Visual academic degree.

We are always happy to meet you. Feel free to contact us here


Our studio is made up of young designers, architects and thinkers, with a strong technical and cultural background. Minds open to new trends, fashion, arts and thinking.

We welcome any design project thanks to our collaborators, who specialize in different design formats, offering solutions adapted to any client.


Jose A. Miguel

Project Manager & co-founder


Álvaro Carroquino

Art Director & co-founder


Guillermo Blasco

Production Director & co-founder



Javier Rodriguez - Graphic Designer & Artist (AMS)

Álvaro de León - Anthropologist (MAD)

MRS Constructores - Builders (MAD)

UYUYUY Studio - Art Producers (MAD)

Alex Murray - Web Developer (BG,SYD)

Alejandro M. de Miguel - Sound engineer (MAD)

Carpintería Miraflores - Carpenters (MAD)

Robuche - Artist (AMS)

Mario G. Rahaan - Copywriter (AMS)

Maria Asens - Graphic Designer (MAD)

Javier Martín - Graphic Designer (MAD)

Alicia Benito - Graphic Designer (MAD)

Patricia Domínguez - Artist (CL)

Marco Godoy - Artist (MAD)

Raquel G. Ibañez - Curator (MAD)

Lorenzo García Andrade - Art Producer (MAD)

Alexander Gross - Photographer (MAD)

Auburn Elle - Photographer (MAD)

Miguel Monzón - Illustrator (BER)


Our offices are located in an industrial space near the city centre, next to Madrid Rio and Matadero. Our space allows us to work on prototypes while being open to visitors, sharing ideas and working with people close to us. Relativa Radio Studios, with which we share space from the beginning. This to be in constant contact with the city' s cultural and young scene.

Feel free to contact and have a coffee with us. C/ Marqués de Jura Real 9 (Posterior) 28019 Madrid, Spain.