VENENO 2020 Robuche
Robuche presents his first exhibition in Madrid organized by the artists themselves Javier Rodriguez and Lou Buche, "Painting that is breath and duration, pranayama and bebop. To get lost and find oneself again in a cyclical, circular and continuous way, improvised, to access the primordial. To discard routines in order to establish new models of relationship with the images that surround us". "Lets's get lost" Text by Ricardo Recuero.
The most important concept was the idea of desire in the exhibited pieces, forcing the visitor to have different perceptions of the paintings depending on where they were being observed, working with the paint itself and its reflection, through the idea of the labyrinth, contrasted with the classic idea of exhibition and the space where this took place.
Reflection, contrast and paths were the main ingredients for the generation of desire in the artworks. We choose a single material , giving it a use for which it was not created through density and scale. In this way, five reflective spaces were created to invade a warehouse, transforming it into a metal labyrinth of artworks. In total 2700m of galvanized steel canal were used, and recycled.