MAGIC ROOM 2018 Higher Technical School of Architecture of Madrid
Magic was the first Architectural Podcast Congress of the world curated by Andrea Gonzalez and Lorenzo G. Andrade inside the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Madrid. This whole congress ended up in an experimental and ephemeral dance space during 24 hours, with 24 DJs from the local city scene.
Magic is a space and editorial project, translated into a publication, where all the voices of the podcasts produced during this congress, became a mutant body of text, which deforms when you emphasize, think while you talk, talk fast or make silences.
Magic Room was an experimental urban planning class with first-year architecture students, where we designed a 24-hour ephemeral dance club inside the university. The first building of these students, a 1:1 scale model, with 5000 square meters of recycled cardboard.