NODO INVISIBLE 2019 Matadero Madrid
Nodo Invisible is an experimental music and live arts festival held at the Palacio de Cristal in Arganzuela. It collaborates in the creation of a musical and creative program of reference in the southern area of Madrid, away from the logic of the club. "There is no aspect of life that does not reveal an infinity of new and unexpected things if we approach it with the knowledge that life does not exhaust itself on its visible side, but that behind that visible side there is a whole world of the invisible, a whole world of new and incomprehensible forces and relationships". Nodo Invisible
The project is shaped through the heterogeneity of profiles where musicians, DJs, visual artists, or anthropologists, develop proposals specifically for the occasion, creating a comprehensive experience. Suso Saiz, Alicica Carrera, Phuong Dan, Bear Bones Lay Low & Raymonde are some of the names that made up the line up, Promoted by Possible Others.
With a maximum construction budget of 1000 € and an assembly time of less than 6 hours, the stage design is conceived as a "meccano" of numbered pieces manufactured beforehand, in independent modules, which could be easily transported, in weight and size. Only two materials of easy transformation were used, Pladur foc and galvanized steel canal to create an environment that shows and hides things, establishing incomprehensible relationships, as if it were a Secret Oasis.