RADIO RELATIVA 2018 - 2020
Radio Relativa is an independent and experimental community radio station that serves as a platform to promote different cultural and musical initiatives related in some way to the city of Madrid and its people. Since 2017, the radio has been working to become a meeting place for musicians, artists, designers, collectives... with the aim of joining forces to promote the creative and cultural fabric of the city through its own protagonists.
Futuro Studio has been part of the project from the beginning, developing its own open visual universe that evolves season after season, to offer a different perspective of the local identity. Radio Relativa is the graphic laboratory of Futuro Studio, where we test the relationship between various concepts such as the local, the identity, the community, the collective, from the perspective of total design, which allows us to develop the project through any format, such as a T-shirt, a logo, a party, a poster, a website, a podcast...
The identity of Radio Relativa is changing, evolving and experimenting with different logos, posters and applications every season.