SALA DE LAS IDEAS 2020 Ministerio de Cultura de España
La Sala de las Ideas is a new permanent space created by the Ministry of Culture for the Tabacalera Cultural Centre in Madrid. On this occasion, we worked alongside Robuche to design a family of objects capable of organizing the room and turning it into a meeting space dedicated to the presentation and discussion of the projects related to the centre.
With the aim of creating a totally different and inspiring space for the workers of the center, we developed a family of objects capable of transporting its users to a world where ideas live through a visual impact, the chaotic world where ideas are built, transformed and reconstructed from a continuously interconnected common magma, where new ideas emerge from the ruins of the old ones.
The construction process is based on basic shapes of the furniture, with a simple assembly and a handcrafted treatment of the wood, working as a team with the Miraflores carpentry workshop.